Email Marketing

Does your communication reach the client in the correct way?

As an Agency we use advanced tools to carry out direct Email Marketing advertising campaigns through mass email sending. We transmit to your clients the necessary information in a direct, effective and creative way by means of email.

Creativity in Design

When creating an effective email marketing campaign, it is necessary to implement creativity, design and content generation according to the information that the business wants to send to its target audience. To achieve this, it is necessary to always follow the graphic identity and the way of communicating of the company to achieve an effective mailing strategy.

Proof of shipments

When an email is sent, one of the main aspects that must be taken into account is the presentation. Before making the final send, you need to check your spelling very well and do a test to verify that the email has a good display on mobile devices.

Email sending

Para realizar de manera efectiva el envío de campañas de email en Agencia de marketing digital We use professional tools that help to overcome spam filters, thus reaching the inbox or promotions. In addition, it will have the necessary qualities to have a correct reception of the email.

Result Monitoring

We analyze the results obtained with the massive sending of emails by observing the behaviors and actions carried out by customers through defined metrics such as the number of opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, etc. In this way, it will be possible to make the necessary optimizations for the following shipments.

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